You are not alone


The holidays can be a real roller coaster ride. Sometimes you we might feel great joy and togetherness, while other times we can feel alone and like the holidays suck. And then there’s everything in between.

We often advocate making the best of things and trying to put a positive spin on most things in life. But there are times when it’s difficult to feel like everything is great.

Even if we know in our hearts that we have a better and richer life than most people in the world, sometimes it still feels empty and lonely.

And while yes, I think that most times we should try and find the positive in life, sometimes it’s difficult. The holidays can be one of those times. And it’s something that most people don’t talk about.

So while I do feel that we should try our best to kick sadness and loneliness in the ass and send them packing out the door, I also think it’s important to tell you that you are not alone.

You are not the only person who may be having a tough time around the holidays. And that’s OK. Take a minute or a day to feel the emotions that you’ve got rolling around inside of you. Let those feelings out. Cry if you need to or punch a pillow if it helps.

Let it out and recognize that this too shall pass.

But more importantly, remember that you are not alone.


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