Treading Water


There are times in life when the best you can do is tread water.

You may be wondering how treading water is being awesome. Well, sometimes you go through a series of events that weigh you down. Enough that you might falter. But instead you tread water. Doing just enough to get by. To get through your day. And that is far more awesome than crumbling and spending your day lying in the fetal position (although sometimes that is even a better option than lesser alternatives).

I recently went through such a series of events. It started with a flooded basement. Then a weird dating situation, accompanied by a dear friend moving halfway around the world, topped with a serving of rejection.

Add to that a month with no child support because the kids’ dad got a better job. (Yeah, don’t ask about the logic of that…there is none. Just throw it on the pile.) And me wondering if he will really will cover their insurance or if I’ll have to take that on too.

Enter treading water.

This morning I woke up and acknowledged that I haven’t posted to my other blog since the basement flooded.

Then I realized that it’s OK. One person can only do so much or only think about so much or only do so much in a given time period.

That’s treading water. And when so much crap is happening, that’s awesome enough.

Eventually, this set of problems will iron themselves out and life will hopefully return to its regularly scheduled programming.

But in the meantime, the expectations have changed. The bar is lowered temporarily and being awesome means just getting through the day.

We all need to tread water on occasion.


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