The Sump Pump Runneth Over

Sometimes, I feel like my life is a sump pump that has failed to work, and my world is flooding.  I’ve been busy.  I’m not complaining, or saying my life is busier than yours.  I know all too well that every single person out there is just as busy as the next.  But lately, it seems like it’s overflowing busy.

The other day, in a conversation with Andrea, we were discussing the current status of this blog: what we want from the blog, and what the plans are for the future of this blog, blah blah blah.  Here’s what we figured out.

We’re both swamped, and our blog content is suffering because of it.  Not so awesome, I know.  Both busy with work, kids, sump pump failures, and chauffeuring the kids all over God’s creation, it’s been hard to find time for anything else!

But after airing our grievances, personally, professionally, and whatever other kind of “-ally” you can think of, Andrea and I managed to talk each other off the ledge.

We agreed that this blog has some serious meaning to us, even when we are goofing off about it.  And while we may not have time to provide a blog post every single day, we’ve got to manage our time better in all “-allys” of our lives.

The point:  If you come home to a flooded basement because your sump pump broke, or you’re spending what seems like hours on end at your child’s extracurricular activities, no matter what, you’ve got to find the time for the things that have value to you (of course, fix the sump pump first, but I think you get what I’m trying to say here).  And sometimes that means you’ll have to schedule time for those things.

So to our readers, I’m sorry I’ve been slacking on content.  It’s in my “notes” on my iPhone, I just haven’t put time aside for all the things in my “notes” section.  But that’s going to change.

Make time for the things in life that you love and the things that make you happy.  Fit them into your life. You’ll be glad you did.




  1. Martha Ostoich Teshich says

    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading your blogs. As a middle aged exhausted woman, LOL, I want to give you both a bit of advice. Enjoy life , the way you both seem to do right now. The sump pumps are a mere tweak in what otherwise is really a wonderful existence. And as for those extra-curricular events , God, enjoy them now because there is going to be one day, when you are sitting home alone on a quiet evening wishing that there was a soccer game, or a hockey game, basketball at church, time at school to attend. It is going to fly by so drink in all the nuttiness that it brings and continue to live life to the fullest. You are both AWESOME!


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