letting go

That’s not the way it was supposed to happen.

Or at least that’s what we think when everything goes to hell. Down the crapper. Kaput.

But it was all going so well.

Or was it?

When we think that something is real – real love, real emotions, real commitment, real promises, real money, real potential – whatever it was, and then when it falls away and we find out that wasn’t reality, we just thought it was…man, that hurts.

Even the most negative among us wants to feel hopeful. See the best in people. Hope for the best. Maybe things will turn out.

And still nothing.

Man, that really hurts.

Hurt pride, hurt feelings. Just plain hurts.

And even though it hurts and most human beings want to rid themselves of hurt as fast as they can, we still hang on to those maybes and if onlys.

We’re only kidding ourselves if we keep hanging on to that which was never real to begin with. It’s just our mind playing with our heart. But even still, it is so difficult to let go of that which we thought was real. Even if it never was and somewhere deep in our souls we always knew that, it’s still so hard to let go.

But let go we must.

If you find yourself in this place in life, it’s time to regroup. Time to revisit who you want to be and re-initiate your plans for the future.

Retrace your steps and get back on your path in life. Time to regroup.

You can do it. We believe in you.

So regroup.

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