When I was young, I was cautious in my decision-making. I was terribly afraid that I would make a bad choice and live to regret it. I wasn’t overly cautious, because I did pick up and move to New York City when I was only 21. More along the lines of thinking through all of the possibilities to the nth degree before finalizing a decision. Or other times making a hasty decision because in my gut I knew it was right. No regrets.

Fast forward 20+ years and guess what I learned? No matter how judicious your life choices are, chances are you’re still going to have regrets. I have plenty. The kind I couldn’t imagine having some 20-odd years ago because I was fielding all of my options and making such good choices in life.

But you don’t know what you don’t know.

Perhaps it’s a mid-life crisis rearing it’s head, but now I’m starting to look at things differently. I’ve begun to realize that sometimes no regrets means you didn’t really risk much. That you didn’t stretch. And I want to stretch and grow and live life to the fullest.

Lately, I’ve begun to think that I want to live a life with regrets. I want to throw myself into life in a way that maybe I’ll get banged up a little. But that’s gonna be OK, because I will be living.

Look out world! There are going to be some regrets here.

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