Make Today Different

diving image 1Today, I did something totally out of the ordinary for me. And I cried when I did it.

While at a red light, a homeless man had a sign that said, “Hungry”. Normally, the skeptic in me would say, “If I give him anything he’ll use it on drugs, or God knows what, so I’m not giving him anything!”

But today was different. I stepped away from that old mentality. When the light turned green, I gave the man $1, and he was genuinely thankful. And I cried as I pulled away.

I just did something for someone who was, or is, in no position to give anything back to me, and that was o.k. with me. Even if he spends it on booze or drugs, or a meal, I don’t care. It felt great to be able to do that for someone.

And to top it off, later in the day, I received a 20% discount from a store manager for no reason. Good things do happen when you do good things to others.good+things

So step out of your old mentality for a minute. You may love just love it!

Have an awesome weekend!


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