It’s ok to wonder why

you were given this lifeIt’s ok to wonder why. Why am I here? What’s it all about? What’s the point? When are things going to change?

Sometimes life is hard. Confusing. Scary. Lonely.

Some days maybe you just feel like you can’t handle it all.

Ok, then don’t. Just stop. Sit around and do nothing. Call off sick. Stay in bed. And don’t try to argue with me and say that you can’t stop spinning all of the plates or juggling all of the oranges because then there will just be twice as much to do tomorrow. Perhaps that is so. But perhaps you also just need a break today. And if you take that little break, that peaceful moment in time, maybe tomorrow you can spin the plates and juggle the oranges again just fine.

But always remember one thing. Even if you’re having a bad day, or a rough week, or even a hard couple of months, please remember that you really are strong enough to live the life you’ve been given. Dig deep and find that place of strength within yourself.

Doesn’t mean you won’t collapse in a heap. Doesn’t mean you won’t weep until your eyes are swollen.

But just dig deep.

I promise you that little place of respite exists quietly somewhere deep in your soul. It’s the place where sighs land and dreams begin.

And you’re strong enough to get there, darling.


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