iStruggle Daily…

…but everyone does.  And if someone tells you they don’t, they are lying.

We all struggle with stuff in our lives.  I struggle.  With my weight (yes, even thin people deal with weight issues folks), with daily meals, PMS, money, sleep, cleaning, laundry, homework, loss, relationships, what I am allowed to eat, what I’m not allowed to eat, what fits, rejection, confrontation, blah blah blah.  This list goes on and on and on.

And today it bothered me.  I felt alone.  Like, “Am I the only one going through this?”

After some self reflection and discussion, I realized I’m not alone.  I’m just probably the only one verbalizing it!!!  I love me for that!  Oh, wait, that’s a positive about me. That’s what makes me awesome.  Write that down!

So do yourself a favor and write down your struggles.  Get them out of your head.  It will make room for all the great things you have in your life and allow those wonderful things the space they need.  Put those awesome things in a list too.  They are a great reminder of why you made space up there in the first place.


  1. Annie says

    I struggle with being a responsible adult, having to roll myself outta bed every morning to make it to work on time. I struggle trying to understand this Finance class Im taking, which is supposed to be a 200 level class (read: easy as hell) but for some reason, I can’t add 2+2 to get the % of taxes paid on 3ilsdjrlksajlfkjslkdfjlskjdfds. I struggle with feeling like I have to please everyone all of the time. But the number 1 thing I have problems controlling is my ability to tune out the static. No matter where it comes from, I can’t not allow what people say to me or about me to bother me. And what hurts the most is when it comes from people I thought I could trust. I struggle with all those things you mentioned, Denise, and am totally 100% for verbalizing our struggles as human beings. This is way too much to keep inside.

    • Denise says

      Thanks for sharing Annie! It’s not easy to tune out the background noise. But like any other training class our routine we put ourselves through, we have to constantly work at tuning out the noise. I think the more we practice it, the easier it gets. Like everything else. We just need to focus in on those who encourage and support us, no matter how ridiculous our ideas or thoughts. The noise makers are just bumps in the road. We can do this! I’d consider you an Upper Annie!

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