Go to the movies


Spending Christmas eve alone? Or maybe just with a spouse when it used to be a house full of kids and activity? Feeling a bit down about spending an evening like tonight alone?

Eff that! Go to the movies!

My kids spend Christmas eve with their dad since we’ve gotten divorced. In years gone by I’d find myself alone in the house and feeling a bit sorry for myself.

Not this year. I’m off to the movies. And if you’re feeling down I think you should go to the movies too. Even better if you have one of those theaters that serves meals. Have some dinner while you’re at it.

And don’t see some sappy tear-jerker. Only comedies and action films tonight.

Don’t like going to the movies alone? Tonight’s the perfect night to give it a try and get comfortable with it.

So get going before the last showing!


  1. Denise says

    Since we don’t do anything on the 25th, I started doing this years ago first thing in the AM on Dec. 25th. It was weird, but I got used to it. First movie I saw by myself at the theatre, Jackie Brown. Great post!

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