Giving Back

With so much hatred and bad news being stuffed down our throats these days, it’s nice to see acts of kindness to restore our faith in humanity.

I was pleasantly surprised to read the following FB status from a freshman, and friend, Kat Simonovic, who attends Arizona State University. Kudos to this young woman on her good deeds.

I hope everyone reads this, and becomes inspired by this story.

“So here at ASU they give freshman students something called M&G money, the amount based off of your housing and meal plans. This money that is put on your card can only be used at local food places like Starbucks, or other deli shops on campus, ect. If you don’t spend the money by the end of the semester, it goes back to the school and you essentially ‘lose it’. I never spent any of my M&G because I was blessed enough with an unlimited meal plan (which was more than enough for me). My unlimited meal plan granted me $350 M&G of which I did not use a penny of until yesterday, the last day to use it. I went to the local market and spent the majority of it buying food which I donated to a homeless shelter. With what was left of the money, I went to Starbucks ordered a water cup, and paid for everyone’s drinks behind me in line. Christmas season is a fun time to give.”

*Kat is a member of The ASU Swim Team. The day after her act of kindness, the ASU Swim Team went to the Phoenix Childrens Hospital to play video games with the children.


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