From darkness comes light

stars cant shine without darkness

Occasionally we may all fall into a bit of a slump. It’s perfectly human. Maybe things didn’t turn out the way you’d planned or perhaps you’re just having a hard time getting beyond something. All normal.

Best thing to do when you’ve hit a bit of a low is accept where you are. Feel the emotions you’re feeling. The sooner we allow ourselves to feel where we are, the sooner we’ll accept whatever it is that’s happening, and the sooner the lights will come back on.

If the darkness lingers too long, get some help. Because too much darkness is not good for anyone. But realize that eventually the lights will come back on and life will look good again. And chances are you’ll be a stronger person for having felt your way through the darkness, even if you might have stubbed your toe once or twice.

And how glorious it is when the light comes shining through the window again!


  1. Alexandra Piacenza says

    This reminds me of the Asian concept of the finger pointing toward the moon. No one can give you the experience of moonlight, but how grateful one is for that pointing finger once you do experience it.

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