Find Your Inner Peace

Inner PeaceIt’s Spring Break here in AZ!!!

That means two weeks off with my kids.  No running around like crazy people for two weeks.  FANTASTIC!!!

Well, we did something totally out of the ordinary for all of us.  I took the kids to a Kids yoga class.  I thought it might be a good idea for them to chill out with some yoga, and just relax.  And while they did their kids class, I did a class as well.

The outcome?  Everyone was pleased.  We drove home in total silence.  No radio, little talking, and one of the kids just closed her eyes and relaxed.  It was beautiful.

The children loved it so much, they’ve even got their dolls doing yoga in the house, and they’ve convinced their father he should try it too.  So next week, we’ll all be at the yoga again.

I encourage everyone to take some time for yourself.  Meditate, exercise, do something to take your mind away from the frenzy of our everyday lives.  Allow yourself that inner peace.  You’ll be so happy you did.  I promise.

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