Facing danger

diving image 1There are times in some of our lives when we face true danger. Not just a abstract fear of something we’re uncomfortable doing, but an actual life-threatening event.

Some who face such a situation may have the opportunity to determine whether they should forge ahead or turn back. Or perhaps there’s a fork in the road, but both options hold some form of danger. In these situations, it is painfully difficult to decide how to proceed, especially if you are even partially responsible for the lives of others.

Nothing I can say here will make that decision any easier. And since we cannot foretell the future, it’s difficult to know which path to take. Which will render the least amount of damage? Which choice is the safest? And perhaps most importantly, which decision can you live with in the end?

It’s part of the human condition that sometimes we must look danger in the face. And sadly, we must sometimes decide quickly and with limited information which path is the best to take.

All we can do is our best. Do our best to consider all of the factors and hope for the best outcome. And then let it go.

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