Do Not Settle

This weekend I went out and heard a local 80s cover band. It was great fun, especially since the 80s were my decade and that’s about the only way I know how to dance. The band was The Reaganomics and they were awesome!

I always find the people watching very interesting. I consider myself quite intuitive, so I can often pick up on things that others miss or choose not to look at. Friday night was no different.

I noticed a tall, handsome, but rather uptight looking guy, probably in his forties. (Who wasn’t in their forties? It was an 80s band!) Maybe a CFO type. With friends, but out of his element.

Then as time went by, I happened to notice a woman dancing at him in a rather seductive way. Frankly, it was awkward, because it was obvious to the casual observer that he wasn’t particularly interested or comfortable.

But as the beers started flowing and the night went on, he loosened up and despite it still being obvious – at least to me – that he still wasn’t “into” her, it also became obvious that he was going to go for it.

Well, who knows what ended up happening, because I turned into a pumpkin at midnight and needed to go home but the image really stuck with me, because it reminded me that many people just settle for exactly what’s in front of them, even if that’s not really what they want in life. The easy pickings. Low hanging fruit.

Now I’m not judging this guy. Hell, we all have needs and all that jazz. But I’m not just talking about dating or meeting people in a bar. I’m talking about every single aspect of our lives.

Do you want to take the easy path and just accept what’s directly in front of you? Or do you want to stretch and grow and push yourself a little and get what you really want out of life, even if it takes a little longer or you have to work a little harder?

Let’s be honest…sometimes it’s scary. It’s far easier to just keep on trucking than to take a risk to expand your world and your life. It’s not easy to risk failure.

But seriously, the only way to make your life as goddamned awesome as you know you want it to be is to screw up your courage, make some BIG plans, and take on some huge risks. Risking failure. Risking ridicule. Risking falling on your ass and looking like a fool. Or risking that it all works out and your life becomes the dream that you envisioned.

So don’t settle. Be awesome!


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