Come Out

As human beings we are such complex creatures. We each have so many faces, so many sides of the human experience. Some we share with the general public, some we share only with friends. And some we keep to ourselves.

While not everything has to be shared with everyone, sometimes I think that we often hide too much of ourselves. Probably out of fear of judgment, ridicule, or outright rejection. Then those secret selves grow into larger beasts that eventually break free one way or another.

How many times have you wept alone, afraid to share your pain or deepest thoughts with someone else because they may feel you’re being silly? Or immature? Or stupid? Or just not facing reality?

What is reality anyway? In this case, the reality is that you’re crying and not telling anyone you’re in pain. What would happen if you just shared a little bit more of yourself with someone you care about? What would happen if you didn’t?

Come out of your secretive world. Don’t be afraid, especially if you’re suffering. Share what you’re really feeling with someone. And if they’re able, they will open their heart to you. And if they’re not able, you will find someone else with more depth who can help you through this difficult moment.

But it doesn’t have to just be pain. Some of us keep joy to ourselves because we haven’t surrounded ourselves with supportive people.

So whatever the case, today take an emotional risk and crack the nut. Open up to someone, even if just a little bit. Get comfortable with being vulnerable, even though it will be uncomfortable.

Come out.

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