Change your perspective

change your perspective

Tonight I had an amazing phone conversation with a dear friend.

It started out like any other conversation, silly, chatty, a couple of girls being girls. But then somewhere along the way we started to talk about our lives and the stories we want to write for ourselves. Who we want to be and how we want to expand our lives.

Before you know it, I was sitting on the floor in my kitchen, which I don’t usually do, having this awesome and expansive conversation with my dearest friend.

And while it might sound strange, something about sitting on the floor in my kitchen changed my perspective. Like it was the embodiment of our conversation. There we were, talking about changing our individual perspectives while I was sitting on the floor, looking at my kitchen and my life through a whole new lens. It made me realize that sometimes we need to shake things up a bit, change our perspective to see things in a different light.

Sometimes something as simple and seemingly silly as sitting on the floor in your kitchen will get you to open your eyes to new opportunities in life or a different way of doing things.

Suddenly, I was realizing that it’s not just the big ticket choices and giant life changes that can affect your life, but also the small things, like looking at things in a slightly different light.

Maybe it’s the day you decide to drive home a different way and realize that there’s an entire world out there waiting to be explored. Or perhaps it’s the day two girlfriends go to ladies’ night at the local watering hole on a lark and one of them meets the love of their life.

Or like today, for me, it was sitting on my kitchen floor realizing that I want to fill my life with joyous experiences, and not just the big ones. But the small and inconsequential ones too. And to do that, I need to change my perspective.

You never know what amazing shifts a simple change in perspective can bring.

Are you ready to change your perspective, if even just a little?


  1. Christine says

    Spot on. Perspective is powerful, as is the ability to switch the lens from which we view our own world! Refreshing post, so thanks for always opening your follower’s eyes to seeing things anew. Seems we are so often too busy navigating ourselves and our loved ones down the road to the BIG destinations to notice the great stops along the proverbial way. Easy to forget that it really is about the journey! Thanks for the kitchen floor point of view. Happy new year, and new way of seeing things, too!

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