Authentic and Powerful


A while back my horoscope said this…

You will discover that life is not about being nice, but rather about being authentic and powerful.

I was kind of blown away by this statement. Because how many times do we choose being nice for the sake of so many others over doing what is right and true for ourselves?

Now, I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t be nice and kind to others, because I think that’s important too. But if we’re not being true to ourselves, how nice are we actually being? In fact, perhaps we’re being phony for the sake of being nice.

A life of being nice may just be a life lived for others. In some ways, it’s easier. Because if you are always nice to others and care for others needs, you will be well liked. Perhaps even loved by many. But how many of them will truly care about your needs?

We need to care about our own needs. It is only when we begin to care about ourselves that each of us as individuals will begin to walk on a path toward authenticity and power in own lives.

Let’s be truthful here. Being authentic and powerful is not always comfortable. Your friends and family may disagree with how you choose to live your life. Especially if they’re used to you always concerning yourself with their needs first. And now, suddenly, you’re considering yourself. Wow. That’s awkward. Getting all into your own self instead of worrying about others and what they think all the time. Ouch. They may not like it as much. They may not like how that feels.

But to live a full and joyous life, we really need to do what is right and best for ourselves. We need to get in touch with what we want. And when we begin to open that door, only then will we discover that life is not just about being nice, but about being authentic and powerful.

What will you do today to get in touch with your authentic and powerful self?

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