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So your life didn’t turn out the way you thought it would

wrong way
OK, so your life didn’t turn out the way you thought it would.
Maybe you’re feeling bitter. Or disappointed. Or maybe even angry.
Well, you could keep on living your life like that, or you can decide to make a change. If you want to keep on living like that you should probably stop reading right now. If you want to make a change let’s talk about how.


Decide if your dreams are lost

First, you need to decide if your lost dreams are truly lost. Are they something that you could still pursue now? If so, read on. If not, it’s time to put the dream in the past. To release it. To send it out to sea.
Sure, you could always become a concert pianist at age 80. But perhaps you can’t become a rock ‘n roll drummer at age 45 when you have children to support and a lot of responsibilities. So decide if it’s time to let it go and move on.
They say that it’s better to be a has-been than never having been anything at all, but I disagree. It’s better to figure out your new dreams and pursue them than to live in the past, full of wishful thinking and regrets.
Identify if your bitterness and anger is holding you back or coloring your world. If it is, seek help to work through it. Perhaps you may need help letting go and in that case it may be helpful to talk with a professional.
Maybe the best thing to do is to figure out your next step. Figure out what your new dreams are and  pursue them. So how do we do that?

Identify a new dream you want to pursue

Think about that thing you’ve been wanting to do for a while now and decide if that’s one of the dreams you want to pursue. (Maybe it’s not that simple. Maybe you don’t know what you want to do now. I will address that in a future article.)


Create a plan

This is not anywhere near as simple as it sounds. It’s a simple three-word sentence – create a plan – but it is actually amazingly complex. Don’t let that deter you. Think about your and goal and then think about how to accomplish it. Mind you this step may take months or years especially if you are older with a lot of responsibilities.
It’s also important to recognize that everything has a season.

Take tiny steps

Finally, begin to take tiny steps toward your end goal. Set small, meaningful goals. Create assignments for yourself with timelines attached, because too often it’s easy to have big dreams but not actually take steps forward. So if you give yourself small assignments, you’ll get closer and closer to your end goal.
If you miss a deadline, don’t sweat it. Adjust your timelines and keep moving. This sounds amazingly easy, but honestly the most difficult part is holding yourself accountable for your own future. There are so many people in this world who have dreams and never follow through on them. Let’s not be those people. Let’s set goals and move forward in our lives to accomplish those things that we want to do, even if it takes months or years or even decades. Because if we don’t make a move and take steps to accomplish those goals, we will live our lives as bitter, regretful wishful thinkers who wish we had done something different, when in fact we could have.
Our time is limited so let’s use it wisely.



stalled-outSometimes in life you get stalled.

Like a stalled car, your engine just won’t turn over.

Maybe you’re not inspired to eat healthy or maybe you’re just feeling too tired to go to the gym. Maybe it’s something bigger and more serious, like you’re bored at your job or you’re not feeling it in your relationship any more. Or perhaps something that was going so well and humming along has slowed to a crawl. (Like me writing on this blog…)

What to do?

There is a school of thought that’s going to tell you to work hard to infuse some electricity into the situation to give it a jump start. And keep on plugging away at it. Push harder and harder. Never give up.

That’s one way.

But what if you were to just let it ride for a while? Wait it out. Take a rest.

Sometimes the engine is flooded and it just needs time for the gas to dissipate and get back to normal. Maybe you just need a little time. Maybe you need to take some time to let your slump dissipate and get back to normal.

Or who knows…maybe this is the new normal.

Just remember, you don’t always have to approach the world or your own life circumstances at full tilt.

Because sometimes in life we just stall out for a bit and need a little time.

Don’t you think you owe that much to yourself?

The Power of Self Respect

self respectThere will be times in your life when you have to take the road less traveled. When you need to make a decision that even if it hurts, it’s the only option that will allow you to feel good about yourself and your choices. Knowing that even though you may be feeling sad about the outcome, there’s a part of you that feels so very empowered to know that you didn’t let yet another person walk all over you.

That is the power of self respect.

It’s not something that we all have, but it sure as hell is something that every single one of us can develop over time.

Even if all you have is a tiny seed of self respect and a tiny sliver of sunlight to nurture it, plant that seed. Water it with self love and by putting yourself first. It will begin to grow into a beautiful delicate seedling.

But like a seedling, it will need to be cared for. Nurture it by putting your needs and best interests above the whims of someone else, not in a selfish way, but in the most loving way possible. And soon that seedling will grow into a sapling, and before long it will become a tree with the strength of a giant redwood.

It is then that you will feel empowered when you have to make a tough decision. Even when it hurts.

That is the power of self respect. Go plant that seed.


14073_848746125183934_1809607389239112596_nIt’s been a while since I’ve been here. I haven’t felt inspired to write. Things weren’t happening naturally, so I laid low, and just let life kind of do its thing.

And T H E N…this weekend happened. Some background before we get to the weekend.

In December, a friend put a question out in a message if any of us would be interested in doing a Spartan Race with her. Now I had been receiving a lot of info from them on FB and researched it…and thought about doing the race…so I said I would do it with her. I signed up that day.

In January, I was sidelined for three (3) weeks with an upper respiratory infection that was on the verge of becoming pneumonia. So I was out of commission for that time. I was sleeping a lot, skipping the gym, and questioning whether or not I was going to be ready physically to do this race. I’m also not young anymore, and while many think I’m in great shape, I’m definitely not in my prime, and not quite as fit as even I think I am, but that I will always work on. Two weeks ago, I hit the gym, five (5) days a week, because I knew this race was coming up, and I couldn’t back out.

Now, if you don’t know anything about this race, I’m here to tell you, it’s intense. It’s scaling walls, climbing walls and crossing cargo nets mid-air to get to the other side of the wall in order to get down, 4.8 miles of running and hiking trails, pools of mud you have to climb out of, crawling under barbed wire, throwing spears. You get the idea.

So as Sunday approached (race day), I was getting more nervous. On Saturday, my oldest daughter had to attend an interview to attend a middle school. I was nervous for her. She was nervous, but I think I may have been more nervous. We practiced possible questions as well as nailing down her answers. At the time of the interview, we were all asked to come with her and much to my surprise, she nailed each question. I was so impressed with her poise and composure, and her compassion in some of her answers. It was a proud parenting moment.

But here’s the thing; she inspired me. She inspired me to work through all that fear, take a deep breath, and move through each question with precision and ease. She was my inspiration for getting through the Spartan Race yesterday.

I fought through my fears, I tackled every single obstacle with ease and strategy, many I was shocked I even accomplished! Some I could have finished but when I lost focus, I stumbled and had to do 30 burpees (google that if you don’t know what I’m talking about – then multiply that by 6. I probably did that many and more).

I didn’t finish with a great time, but that wasn’t important to me. It was important I looked fear in the face, tried every obstacle at least once, and then moved on…to the 30 burpees or the next obstacle. If my 12 year old daughter could do it, I HAD to do it.

It was a great weekend, for all of us. I am proud of my daughter! I’m proud of what I accomplished as well. I learned a lot about myself, tackled some fears, and realized I have really come a long way. I still have a long way to go, but I’ve come really, quite far.

So this week, look for inspiration in others, or be the inspiration that others are trying to find. Do something amazing, no matter how big or small.


What’s your story?

whats your story

We all have stories we tell ourselves and others about ourselves or about our lives. Sometimes they’re true, sometimes they’re plagues with half-truths, and sometimes they’re just outright lies.

I don’t mean that people are necessarily lying about who they are or about the context of their lives. What I mean is that we may be telling ourselves a story that is self-limiting or will create a self-fulfilling prophesy of sorts. Creating negativity in our minds.

Need some examples to ponder?

I’m always broke.

I’m never going to be happy.

I’m always going to be alone.

I’m never going to get ahead.

Nobody ever cares about me.

Get where I’m going with this? Any of those sound familiar?

If we always say these types of negative things, over and over, even if we’re just “joking,” our minds begins to believe what they hear. And we begin to internalize the stories we’re telling ourselves and eventually we begin to believe. And when we believe it, we make it happen.

But what to do?

Change your story.

But how?

First, stop yourself from spouting the simple statements that are untrue and negative. Then begin to replace them with something better, something that you won’t mind if it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Here are some good responses to the negative quotes above…

I’m working on improving my finances and responsibility with money.

I’m growing a little happier each day.

Soon I will find that special someone.

I’m working hard to make something good out of my life.

I will find caring people who love me for who I am.

Are all of these things going to magically happen today, just because you said so? Most likely not. But you will begin to change your story every day, little by little by allowing goodness to grow in your life and not expecting the worst and setting yourself up for the worst to happen.

And it doesn’t mean that you won’t have setbacks or just plain bad days when you’re feeling down in the dumps. But just because you’re on a downswing doesn’t mean that you should let the crappy talk back in. Continue to catch yourself and don’t let yourself go around telling stories. Except for the good ones. Because you deserve to tell the very best stories about yourself.

Now what’s your story?


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When anger flares

Spanish-bullfighterWe’ve all experienced anger from time to time.

But sometimes it takes us by surprise. And rarely is it considered socially acceptable to be angry, no matter how we express it.

Yet anger still happens. And each of us have different ways of expressing (or not expressing) our angry feelings.

Some of us are hot heads, who blast our anger the moment we feel it. How’s that working out for you? Well, you get it off your chest, but it’s not always productive in a relationship. In fact, it’s often very destructive and pushes people away.

Others of us let it simmer while resentment builds. Probably also not working out so well either, when we feel so much anger towards someone we can no longer even look them in the eye.

Still others offer up a delightful combo of resentment and blow up…letting the resentment and anger fester until they can no longer take it and then comes a volcanic eruption of anger completely out of left field – at least for the person on the receiving end. Also not doing wonders for your relationships, I’m guessing.

And then there are the passive aggressive types, who will just poke at you “jokingly” about issues that “don’t really bother them…no they’re just kidding” until you can no longer stand to be around them, eventually eroding at least the healthier relationships.

So what to do when anger flares? Especially when it’s directed at another person, perhaps someone we care a lot about?

Consider anger as a red flag. An indication that something is off balance in a relationship. A notification from your inner self that something needs to be looked at and addressed.

So for hotheads, rather than flying off the handle, what if you were to think about anger as an indicator that something needs to be addressed, but perhaps when you’ve cooled down a bit and can address it more rationally and less reactively?

Or if you’re a simmering type, why not think about what needs to be said and make an effort to say it with detachment and coolness, sharing your feelings so that you don’t let the resentment build over time?

And for you volcanic types, definitely think about your approach and address the matter before you get explosive.

Passive aggressive? Stop joking and poking about the things that irritate you. Find a way to express what’s really bothering you and stop pushing people away.

All new ways of doing things, but certainly much healthier for all types of anger.

Will it be easy? No, because a) it’s new territory and b) it’s never really easy to express angry feelings, especially if you’re trying to be mature and responsible. However, it will help you to feel better and will allow your relationships to grow and develop in a more healthy, meaningful way.

So next time anger flares, take a step back and think about your approach. You won’t regret it.


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Oh, the holidays

santa-kids-cryingOh, the holidays…

The holidays are upon us and everyone is cranking up the joy. Well, maybe not quite everyone.

Sometimes the holidays aren’t as easy as sitting on Santa’s lap. There are presents to buy, bills to pay, trees and homes to decorate, relatives to contend with, and for some, there’s the loneliness of spending the holidays solo.

So here’s what we’re going to do this year. Our best.

Yup, that’s it. We’re going to do our best and forgive and forget the rest.

Just get by.

Don’t try to be the most fantastical gift giver or the twinkliest decorator.

Just get by.

Have to deal with the realities of family? And the crush of certain questions?

When are you having a baby?

What? No boyfriend again this year?

Hmmm…put on a little weight?

Who just called you to wish you Happy New Year? Isn’t she married?

Why do you treat your dog like a child?

Do you actually enjoy being alone?

…just to mention a few. (Hopefully you at least chuckled a bit…)

Prepare yourself for the questions with a funny or short but sweet answer. Practice in advance if you need to. Also practice getting up from the couch immediately to go grab another drink or finger sandwich to extract yourself from the barrage of questions.

Oh dear, I think I hear the nacho cheese dip bubbling over in the fondue pot…

…and believe me, no one wants the cheese dip to go off the rails.

And if you’re lonely, well, honestly this one is a little harder. Try to make plans to be with people. Don’t just sit by yourself. Or do like I’m going to do and plan your own party. This year I’m holding the First Annual Christmas Open House for Lost Souls, Lonely Hearts, Those Far Away From Home, and Others Who are Generally Bored After the Presents are Opened. On Christmas evening.

Several people have already have given me a funny look and questioned the wisdom of having a party on Christmas — who will actually come? Won’t people be with their loved ones?

Well, yes, hopefully. And those who aren’t can swing by. Hopefully they’ll feel a little more joyful, and I know that I will too. And if three people show up, perfect. Or if 30 people show up, that’s fine too. I just want to share some joy with whomever may want or need a little.

So over the next couple of weeks, don’t put too much pressure on yourself. Do your best to let yourself off the hook and have some fun.

Now go sit on Santa’s lap…

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Don’t ever change

Dont ever change 1

Remember writing in someone’s yearbook in high school? Something along the lines of “You rock! Don’t ever change!”

The perfect little quip for a yearbook.

But some people seem to have taken that phase very literally. Some people are resistant to change. They want things to always stay the same. But they never really can. Change is the only true constant in our lives, other than death.

I’m assuming that if you are reading this blog that you are not one of them. That you are someone who wants to grow and change and elevate yourself and your world.

So being an agent of change, it may be confusing when we’re dealing with someone who is so reluctant to change and grow. How is it that they don’t see how their world can improve by stretching and growing?

Well, change is scary. And people may fear being left behind. It happens. And they may fear having to face their own bullshit. And change it. All scary.

There are a lot of reasons that people want to march in place, but really none of the reasons matter. What matters is that they want to mark time and you want to move forward. Which creates a form of dissonance. And most dissonance yearns to be resolved harmoniously.

So what do you do?

March forward anyway. Be warm and loving with those who wish to stand in place, but move your life along. They won’t understand your need to change any more than you will understand their desire to stay the same. Resist their siren call of sameness and continue to expand yourself and your world and your life.

And remember…you rock! Always change!

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Be thankful for your flaws

flawsToday is Thanksgiving Day in the United States. So there’s a lot of talk of gratitude. Being thankful for family and friends, and for our health and happiness and for that of our loved ones as well. Gratitude for all of the blessings in our lives. And of course we’re all thankful for the good things in our lives, even if we forget from time to time how much good we have.

And here at Bringing Back Awesome, we are so very thankful for all of our readers and for the joy you bring into our lives.

But today let’s go in a different direction. Today, let’s be thankful for our flaws.

Our flaws are part of what makes each of us unique individuals. Part of what makes us each vulnerable and so very human. Uniquely you.

We are so often encouraged to overcome our flaws. And while there’s probably value in this, what if they’re just as much an important part of you as your more wonderful qualities? And what if we could look at the positive side of some of our lesser qualities?

Let me get the ball rolling here by sharing some of my flaws…

I tend to be impulsive, but that makes for lots of fun and spontaneity. I can also be brutally honest, sometimes putting my foot in my mouth. But the people closest to me know that they will hear the real truth, not some bullshit answer.

I tend to need a lot of what I lovingly refer to as “think time,” meaning that I like to sit around and do nothing but think. But it’s during those times that I come up with some of my most creative ideas.

Honestly, I can be a bit overly sensitive. But it’s probably the thing that makes me feel so empathetic when others are struggling or going through pain. I’m a natural-born slob, but I do my best to contain it, and my house is actually pretty orderly.

I happen to be calendar-challenged, meaning for some weird visual-spatial reason, I have trouble with dates and times. Frankly, there’s no upside to this one. But at least I can laugh at myself when I screw up my calendarizing.

Oh, and I have a very inappropriate, sometimes even dark, sense of humor. The good news is that I will make you laugh, even if you think you’re going straight to hell for it!

These are just a few. There are probably more. But they seem so much less flaw-ish when I embrace them and look at the bright side of things. Perhaps you could do the same.

So today, be grateful for the flaws that make you uniquely you, someone who is so very special.


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Believe it

truth pill

Today Stephanie St. Clair of Blissbombed asked an amazing question on her Facebook page

If you could invent something new today that would really shift how you experience the day, what would you invent?

A phenomenal question!

I thought for a few moments then came up with this…

I would invent a pill I could swallow that would flood me with feelings of patience that everything is unfolding as it should. I’d call it Believabilify.

OK, there. I just swallowed my imaginary Believabilify capsule and the placebo effect is washing over me.

Oh, if only there were such a pill.

Well, guess what?

There is such a thing.

But it takes a leap of faith, not swallowing a pill.

It’s called just believing that you are where you are meant to be and that as long as you are doing your level best and being the very best version of you, then you are where you’re supposed to be.

For some, that may be a bitter pill to swallow, but really, what good is thinking about where you thought you would be today, or where you thought you should be or could be?

Woulda, coulda, shoulda…mostly a waste of time.

You are where you are, and that is your starting point. Even if it’s not where you had hoped you would be. Just start there today.

Maybe you’re in a job you don’t love. Or in a bad relationship. Maybe you’re in no relationship at all and the dry spell is turning into a goddamned drought. Maybe you’re an emotional mess. Or a financial disaster. Or some combination of these. Or all of the above. Ugh. Just not where you’d hoped to be.

Then how in the hell could it be that we’re right where we’re supposed to be?

Well, friends, this is where you need to swallow the Believabilify and start letting it wash over you.

Because without all of the experiences that brought you to this very moment, you wouldn’t be who you are today. Without the joys and the sorrows, the big wins and the devastating losses, the heartbreaks, or your heart breaking open with love. Every single life experience that you’ve ever had – good, bad, wonderful, terrible, neutral, or boring – has crafted you into the amazing human being that you are today. The incredible individual who can dig deep and recognize that this is where you are supposed to be.

Today is the starting line for the rest of your life. Be patient with yourself and with the universe as your story continues to unfold. Sure, make your efforts to dream big and develop goals and fulfill them. But don’t just look to the future waiting for the big day that everything finally falls into place. Because every single day is a part of that evolution, and you are the most beautiful outcome of every moment of change.

So believe it. You are where you’re meant to be. Learn to love this place and every step forward that you take in your life. And then you won’t need a magical pill. You will create your own magic.

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